My Chemical Romance

Bulletproof Heart(Chords)

My Chemical Romance

Key: D

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D G Gravity, don't mean too much to me Bm I'm who I've got to be A A7 These pigs are after me, after you Bm D Run away like it was yesterday G And we could run away Bb C D If we could run away, run away from here
(Verso) D I got a bulletproof heart G A D You got a hollow-point smile G A D Me and your runaway scars G A Got a photograph dream on the getaway mile Let's blow a hole in this town Too much talking with a laser blade Gunning out of this place in a bullet's embrace Then we'll do it again (pré-refrão) Bm How can they say? G A Bm Jenny could you come back home? G A Bm Cause everybody knows you don't G A Ever wanna come back Bm A Let me be the one to save you (refrão) (Verso 2) (pré-refrão) (refrão) (ponte) D Bm And though I know how much you hate this D Bm Are you gonna be the one to save us Bb C From the black and hopeless feeling Bb C Will you mean it when the end comes reeling Hold your heart into this darkness Will it ever be the light to shine you out Or fail and leave you stranded I ain't gonna be the one left standing Bb C You ain't gonna be the one left standing Bb C We ain't gonna be the ones left standing (refrão) ( D )

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