Welcome To The Void(Chords)


Key: Am

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Capo on 1st fret

Am  G (4x)

verse 1 
Am          G          D 
Come take a bite of my gingerbread house 
Am           D              Am 
And let your troubles fade away 
Am       G         D 
Let your mind get away from the fall 
Am     D              Am 
I say: Welcome to the void 

Am  G  (2x) 

verse 2 

Am      G               D 
Did you know that Peter Pan can fly 
Am      D                 Am 
He just pats himself with dust 
Am           G                D 
I'll get you some if you're a very good boy 
Am        D               Am 
And if in me you put your trust 
Ha  ha ha ha ha ha ha..! 

D Am (2x) I say: Welcome to the void /
Am G (2x) D verse 3 Am G D Jack be nimble, Jack be quick Am D Am Jack jump over the candlestick Am G D Ouch said Jack as he touched the lighted wick Am D Am My God you know that fire burns Am G (2x) D verse 4 Am G D Old woman she lives in a shoe Am D Am What a very funny thing Am G D She's really happy for today she received Am D Am Forty red, white and blue shoestrings
GUITAR RIFF (without capo!) 
B|-----5-3-------------------------------|\--|\ \ 
G|---------4^---2------------------------|\--|\  3x 
D|----------------| /?A|---------------------|\ 
VERSE 5 Am G D Beauty did kiss the Beast Am D Am And that much to her surprise Am G D A handsome prince did then appear Am D Am And then the beast scratched out his eyes D Am \ 2x I say: Welcome to the void / GUITAR SOLO Am G \ 4x D / INTERLUDE Am G \ 2x D / VERSE 6 Am G D If you're and if you watch your ways Am D Am One day to heaven you will go Am G D You will lose everything you've ever know before Am D Am Who cares it's better than below G Ho ho ho ho ho ho ho..!
D Am \ 2x I say: Welcome to the void /
VERSE 7 Am G D Pretty flowers and a bright yellow sky Am D Am Little squirrel gathering good Am G D Picnic's over it's time to go home Am D Am What's for dinner - squirrel stew VERSE 8 Am G D Did you hear about Sam's Uncle Joe Am D Am Got lots of heads upon his wall Am G D He stands a hundred yards behind a cheaters glass Am D Am Oh he's the bravest of them all Fall Fall Fall Faaaall... Am G (4x) D VERSE 9 Am G D Did you know that a good man died Am D Am Oh how terrible they say Am G D But you know that's just a part of life Am D Am It kind of happens every day No!

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