Moon Mullican

I'll Sail My Ship Alone(Chords)

Moon Mullican

Key: D

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	        Ill Sail My Ship Alone 
Mullican Moon	 

Recorded by: Moon Mullican 
Writers: Moon Mullican, Henry Bernard, Henry Thurston,  
Lois Mann, & Morry Burns 

D We've been sweethearts for so long 
But now you say, 'We're G thru!' 
The A7 love we shared is now a memo-{D} ry 
I had built a ship of dreams 
And planned them all for G you 
And A7 now I guess what is to be will D be. 

D I'll sail my ship alone 
With A7 all the dreams I own 
Drifting out across the ocean D blue 
I'll sail my ship alone 
Tho' A7 all the sails, you've torn 
And when it starts to sink, then I'll blame D you. 

{D}I'm just like a ship at sea 
That's lost without a G sail 
The A7 dark clouds hide the sun from up a-{D}bove 
And even with these broken dreams 
My heart will never G fail 
For A7 deep inside there's only one true D love. 


{D}I gave a message to the wind 
To take back home to G you 
Hopin' A7 you would hear my D S.O.S. 
Maybe you would come back home 
My darling, if you G knew 
How A7 much my aching heart is in dis-{D} tress. 


Written by Henry Bernard/Morry Burns/Lois Mann/Henry Thurston

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