Monkey Majik

Lupin The Third(Chords)

Monkey Majik

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Key: Dm
             Dm              Am 
Oh, here he comes, right on time 
             Dm                 Am 
And he has class, and quite a style 
            Gm                 Dm 
All of his own, and they all know him 
     Gm   Am      Dm 
As Lupi---in the third 

            Dm             Am 
He walks a line, one fine line 
               Dm                  Am 
Though danger lies, he'll be just fine 
            Gm               Dm 
He's here today, but gone tomorrow 
       Gm   Am       Dm 
He's Lupi---in the third 

Gm                Dm 
All his life has been 
            Gm               Dm 
One roller coaster ride of dreams 
             Am                    Dm 
No time for looking back, never regretting that 
            Gm                     Am 
His song is all that he can leave behind 
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