Moe Bandy

Following The Feeling(Chords)

Moe Bandy

Key: E
Capo on 2nd fret
FYI: - this is my 2000th tab so in a way it is special to  
me. I purposefully stayed with a classic country song  
because this is what I miss hearing. 
     D                                 G  
Your eyes are not the eyes I should be seen in 
    D                 A             D 
But right now they?re all I want to see 
     D                          G 
Your touch is not the touch I belong to 
      D                A                   D 
But tonight you?re the one that?s reachin? me 
D G Oh ain?t it easy following the feeling D A It started with a smile and hello D G We?re hardly more than strangers, ignoring all the dangers D A D Following the feelin down at cheatin? row
I know tomorrow I?ll be sorry Lovin? you might be too much to pay But tonight you?re in my arms, not on my conscience And I can?t think beyond where we lay Chorus Following the feelin down at cheatin? row

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