Moe Bandy

Barstool Mountain(Chords)

Moe Bandy

Key: D
Tabbed By Larry Mofle 
[email protected] 
D  D/F#  G twice 
     D                                 Em 
I've finally found a place where I can take it 
G              A               D  
All this loneliness you left behind 
     D                             Em 
On a mountain that's no hill for a climber 
     G                A                 D 
Just one step up, sit back and pour the wine 
D D/F# G D D/F# G A I climb u-u-u-p-p on barstool mountain D E7 A High above your world where there's no pain D D/F# G D And I'm the ki-i-i-ing of barstool mountain G A D Pretending I don't love you once again
Intro At closing time I step down off the mountain I'm strong enough to make it without you I know that I'll be right back here tomorrow Too weak to sober up and face the truth and... Chorus: Tag - Pretending I don't love you, once again.

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