Misc Unsigned Band

Ruben Annink - Internet Love(Chords)

Misc Unsigned Band

Key: C
Capo on 5th fret
Tuning: Standard,  

The original song can be found through this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zpaEVJepUpw 

Good luck;) 

C                     F 
I fell in love with a screen, 

With a username. 

Twitter birds flying free, 

And we had our date. 

And There she was, 

Standing in the crowd, 

A thousand people, 

But she stood out, 

C                          F 
And maybe it's the way she dances, 

C                             G 
It's something in the way she moves. 

C                         F 
At first I didn't take my chances, 

    Am            G       C  
And all I did was missing you. 

E7                           F 
But now we're blessed with a miracle, 

C                       G 
And mom and dad need to take it slow. 

    C               F 
But she's got me enchanted, 

    Am          G      F 
And all I do is loving you, 

    Am          G      C 
And all I do is loving you. 

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