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Lily Of The City - Zíma Je Dlouhá(Chords)

Misc Unsigned Band

Key: C
Intro:  C C+2 C C+7 C C+2 C C+7 

verse 1 
C                                   Dm  
i still feel the snowflakes on your summerskin 
don't speak too loud, don't make a sound 
      Dm                    G  
don't move too fast, don't move at all 
     C              F              G 
or break the silence with a cannonball 
      Am         G         F 
and slowly the snowflakes fall  
Am               G          C 
and slowly the snowflakes fall.  

verse 2 
I gather flowers in the forests of Bohemia   
where are you now, did you move on  
at the crossroad there is no trace  
Am            F           G 
only the sun touches my face  
   Am                   G       F 
I dive into the wind's cool embrace  

C Am Em far over the mountains i wander the woods F C G but when i close my eyes i can feel you now C Am Em in the mountains, the woods, the wind and the sun F G Am but it is summer and the snowflakes melt away it is summer and the snowflakes melt away, it is summer an the snowflakes melt.
Instrumental C Am F G Bridge Am Em zima je dlouhá a v lét? padá sníh Hledám t? v ulicích Prahy té Prahy, kde stále padá sníh i search for you in the streets of prague in prague there still falls the snow

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