A Couple Acres Greener(Chords)


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Key: Em
Intro: Em    C    G    D - Cdim (2x)

     Em                      C 
I?ve never been so hungry,          
           G                          D             Cdim 
Seems like twenty-two years I?ve been looking for a fight 
Em                                C 
Never stayed in school for long,     couldn?t keep my patience on 
G                           D               Cdim 
   Never had the motivation quite to get my timing right 

PRE?Chorus 1 + 2: 
C                       G 
  (I want my story to begin)/(I want to celebrate my sins) 
          D                      Em      D 
There?s a time to save up and a time     to 
C                             G 
Spend    I?m to young for the past tense 
         D                   Cdim    Cdim    Cdim    D#dim    F#dim 
All this worrying about what might   have    been 

Em C Should have been a preacher man, let the good book show me where to G D Cdim Stand in this earthly half-way home Em C Should have been a farmin? man, teach my boy to plow the land G D Cdim (Em C G D Cdim) Leave this wicked winter just a couple acres greener when I go Em C I?ve never been so thirsty to get my soul right G D Cdim But like a summer bug I?ve been burned by the blinding light Em C Never stayed in church for long, pop?lar peoples ?n white folks songs G D Cdim Sunday morning never was as real as Friday Night
PRE?Chorus 2 + Chorus BREAK OVER VERSE CHORDS PRE?Chorus 3 (one strum each): C G Some day they?ll write my name up on a D Em D Stone and I won?t be there to see it C G D Cdim Cdim Cdim D#dim F#dim Up on Calv?ry calling me I know they?ll say Chorus x 2, second time a-capella
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