Perfection Is Boring(Chords)


Key: D

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Verso 1: 
Bm           A 
  hey little sister 
Where are you going 
So pale is it really 
    A           Em 
The end of your days 
Bm                A 
  they say you?re only 
Learning when you 
Fail could it be 
        A         Em 
You?re stuck in a phase 

D In my world perfection A Em Is boring the cracks And the scars is what Bm A Make things unique D It's hard, but it's A Best to ignore it Em To chase the horizon Bm A For something you will Em Bm Never see perfection F#m Bm F#m A Is boring to me
Verso 2: Bm A hey little brother Em I hope you know you?re Bm Okay tall ladders can A Em Be tricky to climb Bm A as we all know rome Em Wasn?t built in a day Bm With baby steps you'll A Em Get there in time (Refrão) Bass-Solo: Bm--Em-Bm-A- Bridge: Bm It?s a trap it?s lie It?s a mental ball And chain and a Em Thorn in your side Bm Hungry pitbull A Bm Untied it?s a spell It?s a joke it?s a Trick played by your Em Brain it?s the models Sickly pale it?s a Bm A Pointless twice told tale Outro: la la lai... Bm--Em-Bm-A- x6

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