Mila Mason

Closer To Heaven(Chords)

Mila Mason

Key: B

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	        Intro: B C#m E (2x) B 
B         C#m            E 
I've been searching for so long 
                          B    C#m  E  B 
for something I couldn't find 
        C#m          E 
Choices I made were so wrong 
                    B     C#m E  C#m 
'til you came in my life 
                                  E                 C#m 
no matter who I held there was an emptiness there 
           E            F# 
now I know God heard my prayers 
B When you say my name F# it's like hearing Angel's sing E When I feel your touch B F# it sets my spirit free B When you're in my arms F# the world seems so far away E C#m A Oh, I believe you're takin' me to a place B C#m E Closer to Heaven
Baby, when I see you smile I forget the tears I've cried Everything I've ever lost I've found in your eyes You give your heart with no conditions You take a love to another dimension *Chorus* *Guitar Solo* *Chorus* (fades)

Written by Bill Luther/Aimee Mayo

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