Mike Snider

Snuff Dipper(Chords)

Mike Snider

Key: G
G                                  A7 
Over there in Gleason Tennessee, where I was born and raised 
 D                                                                    G 
I used to take a moonlight stroll in the pasture where the milk cows graze 
One night there she was, sitting up on the fence 
I grinned at her, she grinned back, I could tell she had some sense 
Said,'I'm real pleased to meet ya, Mam. You look like a diamond in the rough.' 
She said,'Shut up your fancy talk and give me a pinch of that snuff.' 
Well I'm gonna have to admit now, I was just a little bit surprised 
When I handed her that box of snuff, there was love in that woman's eyes 
C G Snuff dipper, snuff dipper, it's the story of my life D G Snuff dipper, snuff dipper, bet she'd make me a wonderful wife
So I courted that gal in the tater patch, I courted her in the sorghum cane I kissed her in the sunshine, I even kissed her out in the rain First time I kissed them snuff-stained lips we was sittin' on a holler log She had breath on her that would stifle a Hampshire hog I said, 'Whoo! What a pucker! You really know your stuff.' She said, 'You didn't want no kiss at all. You just stole my pinch of snuff.' Then one night, when the time was right, I said, 'Sweety, we ought to get wise. Two can dip just as cheap as one if we's to get that giant economy size.' So we went to the preacher's house, I said, 'Preacher, we'd like to get wed.' He tied the knot, said, 'Like her or not, she's yours 'til you're plum dead.' I said, ' Here, lemme pay you something. Reckon a dollar'd be enough?' He said, 'Naw, just keep your money, boy, and gimme a dip of that snuff.' Well, I got me a level headed woman now, she's the sweetest thing in the South Reason I know she's level headed, I seen it running out of both sides of her mouth.

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