Mike Parrish

What Is Love(Chords)

Mike Parrish

Key: F

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	        Intro: F                   C         G    G-(all rest) 

Little brown eyed girl C (Love letters)  
Out on her front porch (Got a Valentine)  
Little blue eyed boy (Hey little boy)  
Comes over from next G door (Circle yes or no)  
And she F tells her G daddy 'bout her C little boy F friend  
And daddy can only G wonder and give her a grin  
Oh what is love C               C-(all rest) 

She's a teenage girl C (She's sweet sixteen)  
On the telephone (All night long)  
He's a teenage boy (He's so handsome)  
Letter jacket G on (Wearin' a senior ring)  
F Butterflies take G her away C as he asks her F out  
Won't somebody G tell them what this is all about  
Oh what is C love 

Chorus: (2nd TIME TAG ENDING) 
What is F love?  
So many ways you can describe it  
What is C love?  
Well love is real you can't de- G -ny it  
It can F only be G sent from up a- C -bove  
(2ND time *tag) Can you F answer the G question,  
What is C love? (all rest) 

F    G    C    F    F    G    C      C-(all rest) 

She's a beautiful C bride (Flowers in her hair)  
As she says I do (Always and forever)  
He's a handsome groom (She's his only one)  
He says I do G too (Ring on her finger)  
F As they walk G down the aisle C hand in hand to- F -gether  
We've seen it a G million times, will it last forever  
Oh what is love? C    C-(all rest) 

She's a little old C lady (She's still so pretty) 
In a rockin' chair (She's my grandma) 
A gray headed man (My grandpa)  
They make quite a G pair (How he still loves her)  
And they F wonder how they G made it C down through all the  
F years; through the good times, the G bad times, happiness and tears Oh what is love? C        to Chorus

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