Mike Parrish

Runnin' Outa Time(Chords)

Mike Parrish

Key: C

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	        Verse I 
C               F             C 
Yesterday was a small town in Texas 
                              F             C 
With a railroad track runnin' near our back yard 
                       F                  C 
I used to wonder where that ol' train was bound for 
                 G                    C 
As I sat up in a tree and counted the cars 
                       F              C 
When I grew older that ramblin' fever took me 
                         F               C 
With momma's bible in my suitcase I left home 
                      F                C 
If I knew then of the years that lay before me 
                               G              C 
Guess I'd have stayed there at home where I belonged 

Pre Am C A young man's gotta see all he can see Am C He'll never know the price he's payin' 'til he gets old Am C Ramblin' around from town to town and to the cities Am C He soon finds out that life can be so cold
F G C Hey but time has a way of changin' everything F G C Time has a way of changin' lives F G I've been on the road too long C Am Too far away from home F G Am And the memories are so much sweeter than the wine F G Now I'm runnin' on empty C And runnin' outa' time
Verse II C F C I see the age in my eyes in the rearview mirror F C As I turn down a familiar blacktop road F C I can see some of the memories so much clearer G C And I know I don't have much further to carry this load F C I know momma's gonna' run outside so she can greet me F C And I'll be so glad I've found my way home F C But I laugh to myself, who am I foolin' G C (Spoken) That ol' train, like yesterday, is gone Repeat Pre-Chrous Repeat Chorus Tag F G Yeah I'm runnin' on empty C And runnin' outa' time

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