Mike McClure

She Gets To You(Chords)

Mike McClure

Key: E

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	        Tabbed By Larry Mofle 
[email protected] 
E                     A                     E  
Sitting there in your crush red velvet jacket 
E                   A             B7 
With your bottle of wine and your blues 
          E                  A              E 
Trying to find some piece of mind from that racket 
       E                  B7          E 
As the darkness finds its way to your room 

A E You know your lonely right down to the bone B7 A E Cause she?s the only one that you can?t leave alone A C#m You?ve seen a thousand as you?ve gone passing through B7 E But she?s the only one that gets to you
Sitting there way up on top of your mountain Sure seems to me like you got it all I sure hate to see you come sliding Cause there aint nothing there to break your fall Chorus Yea she?s the only one that gets to you

Written by Mike McClure

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