Mike McClure


Mike McClure

Key: C

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	        the chords are simple but the song is finger picked,,i just go with how i think it feels and dont realy concentrate on the exact notes, 
 just a little roll threw the notes of the chords will work for this song. ok for the walk down from C to Am do.. 
C F C G  
 i pick it like this, hold the chord shapes to make it easier 
C                 F                C                  G 
follow that pattern threw the verses 
then the chorus goes 
F G C walk down to Am  F G C  
F                    G                                C walk to Am 
then its F G C C will there be an end to all this driftin' F C will there be an end to all this thrift store shopping G for a shirt just because I'm weird and I like old stuff C like this old leather bag I bought at the antique F shop on the corner of norman on main street C G and three old nineteen-fifteen pictures of some kid just cause he cracked me up
F G I don't know, I don't care C WALK TO Am I don't follow nobody nowhere F G C cause everybody's crazy I'm just stuck in the middle F G I don't ask I don't worry C WALK TO Am I don't ever get in much of no hurry F G C I'm just trying to scrape up a few dimes and pay the fiddle
repeat intro C F I ain't tasted nothing finer than a chicken fried steak C at J and M's diner, it's down on Selmon street in Eufala G and I eat there every chance I get C F sometimes I think about Pauline, had the best poster C G I ever had seen, said sometimes I sits and thinks and sometimes I just sits repeat cho:

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