Micky & The Motocars

Goodbye Lady(Chords)

Micky & The Motocars

Key: C

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	        C            Em       F        C  
When I first met you, I was a dreamer 
             F                 Am   G  
I didn?t let nothing stand in my way,  
C       Em                 F             C  
I was looking for another soul to understand me 
                F               Am  G  
But you weren?t wild enough for me  
F C F Am G Goodbye lady, wish you could save me tonight F C F C I was so wrong, I waited too long F Am G I didn?t know how to treat you right
C Em F C As I wandered, across this great land C F Am G Looking for a girl to hold out her hand C Em F C The days got longer, the nights got harder F Am G I started searching for the end CHORUS C Em F C So I called you, when I was passing through F Am G I asked you out for the night C Em F C She said sorry, I just can?t see you F Am G You know it just wouldn?t be right CHORUS

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