Michael Trent

L Bird(Chords)

Michael Trent

Key: G

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G7 C G 
D C C7 

Little bird, don't stop singin' 
                        G7                 C            G 
If it gets too quiet my ears start ringin' loud, ooh so loud 
D                             C                   G  
Little bird, oh my heart your melody can tear me apart 
D                            C                              G  
Little bird, oh my soul your little song is bigger then you know 

Old dirt road keep on winding 
                             G7                              C                  G 
'Cause a clear sight line is halfway blinding and I'd rather wait and just find out 
D                                C                      G 
Old dirt road keep winding round I'm content to just be bound 
     D                               C                      G 
Yeah old dirt road do what ya do I'm happy just a followin' you 

G7 C G 
D C G 

Cigarette don't stop burning 
                    G7              C                 G 
Just when our conversation's turnin round you just go out 
        D                                     C                    G 
I guess smoking one hundreds would be fine if just to buy a little time 
                 D                                   C                            G     
Yeah man I guess smoking those things would be ok if just to stretch the time you stay
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