Michael Trent


Michael Trent

Key: Em

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Capo on 2nd fret



          C                           Am 
I've been stuck inside this house too long 
         C                                 G 
Where my parents used to catch me sneaking out when I was young 
             F              G               C       Em7     Am 
From the kitchen to the hallway where I used to sing my songs 
When they were gone 

             C                         Am            
But now I've seen so many things since then 
          C                            G 
I've seen enemies turn lovers and then just become good friends 
         F                G                     C         Em7   Am 
I caught up with some old loved ones and then I just lost touch again 
Hey how ya been 

         F                               G 
All this chasing after sunsets, all this shootin' at the moon 
       Am                                Dm 
Got us drinkin' from the gutter, pickin' food out of the broom 
             F                                         G 
But it ain't hard to second guess yourself when you're dressin' up a wound 
                       C      F  Am  G  C 
Ain't that the truth 

           C                        Am 
Suzy's dressed up in her go out shoes 
            C                            G 
She takes a walk down by the water every time there's a full moon 
             F              G               C       Em7      Am 
She's broken every heart in town and if you haven't seen her moves  
You'll see 'em soon 

                C                     Am 
But I don't mess with her much anyhow 
       C                                      G 
'Cause girls like that were born to build you up then bring you down 
                    F                 G                  C      Em7     Am 
And besides all off those old worries just don't bother me much now 
Cause I got new ones, tried and true ones, bills pass due ones 
Interest accrue ones, hole in my shoe ones 

         F                                 G 
All this up and down the highway all those wasted afternoons 
       Am                                Dm 
Got us askin a lot of questions, hope to get an answer soon 
              F                                    G 
'Cause if you try to sing too hard, you just start singin' outta tune 
                          C   F  Am  G 
And that's what I do 
                      C   F  Am  G 
That's what I do 

C Am C G 
F G C Em7 Am G G7 

            C                         Am 
So now it's grass cocaine alcohol and pills 
           C                             G 
They might either drag you under or help supplement your bills 
          F                   G               C     Em7    Am 
It just depends what you need worse be it the money or the thrills 
                          G       G7 
Well? I could use both!! 

                 C                        Am 
'Cause it's been taxi van airport bus and train 
             C                                   G 
These days I can't tell much between em they all start to feel the same 
              F                G              C          Em7    Am 
Just close my eyes and rest my head right up against the window pane  
                       G      G7 
Like a picture frame  

   F                            G 
So radio my folks I think we're coming in on fumes 
Am                            Dm 
All this heavy cargo has just capsized our pontoon 
            F                                     G 
So tell the kitchen and tell the hallway and tell all the other rooms 
            C  F  Am  G 
I'll see ya soon           x4 

G7 C
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