Merle Haggard

Mama's Hungry Eyes(Chords)

Merle Haggard

Key: D

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	        D                         G             D 
A canvas covered cabin in a crowded labor camp, 
Stand out in this memory I revived. 
         D                                G               D 
Cause my daddy raised a family there with two hard workin hands, 
                     A             D 
And tried to feed my mama's hungry eye's. 
D                                     G                D           
He dreamed of something better and my mama's faith was strong, 
And us kids were just to young to realize. 
      D                             G                D 
That another class of people put us somewhere just below, 
                       A             D 
One more reason for my mama's hungry eyes. 

D G D Mama never had the luxuries she wanted, G D But it wasn't cause my daddy didn't try. G D She only wanted things she really needed, A D One more reason for my mama's hungry eye's.
D G D I remember daddy prayin for a better way of life, A But I don't recall a change of any size. D G D Just a little loss of courage as their age began to show, A D And more sadness in my mama's hungry eyes. Sing Chorus

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