Merle Haggard

If It's Wrong To Love You(Chords)

Merle Haggard

Key: G

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	        Tabbed By Larry Mofle 
[email protected] 
G                                            C 
If it's wrong to love you, wrong I'll always be  
D                                                  G 
And though you're with another you still belong to me 
    G                        G7                C  
And if I?m wrong to miss you, to sit alone and cry 
D                                             G 
Then I can?t be right, dear and I?m a fool to try 
Chorus 1: 
C              G        C                 G  
Though another owns you and our love?s in vain 
A                           D 
I will walk beside you thru sunshine and rain 
G                                              C 
I can?t change my heart dear, you?re a part of me 
   D                                                G 
So if it?s wrong to love you then wrong I?ll always be 
If it?s wrong to love you then wrong I?ll always be 
Though your world may scorn me, darling can?t you see   
That if it?s wrong to want you when my day is through 
Then gladly I will pay for all my dreams of you  
Chorus 2: 
And though we met too late, dear and you'll never know  
That without a right to, I have loved you so  
I can't change my heart now, you're a part of me  
So if it's wrong to love you wrong I'll always be

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