I Hope You're Feeling Great(Chords)


Key: C
intro: C Am F G7 (2x) 

Verse 1: 

C            Am      E 
I'm feeling kind of wonderful 
      F              G7        C 
I'm hoping that you feel the same 
      C       Am          E 
The weather's bright and beautiful 
        F          G7         C 
There's not even a chance of rain 

Am It's the weekend, Fm So call your best friend C E and take the time to say G7 Am F G7 C that wherever you are, I hope you're feeling great
(repeat intro) verse 2: C Am E nobody's feeling miserable F G7 C 'cause life is far from dull and grey Am E things are not so terrible F G7 C if you look at them another way
Am it doesn't matter Fm if you're living C E miles and miles away C Am F G7 C 'cause wherever you are, I hope you're feeling great
bridge: Am so even if you're feeling rough, F life has got a little tough, C you're thinking that you've had enough, E well don't throw it all away F 'cause someone is about to say C that everybody makes mistakes E forget about yesterday F G7 C 'cause today, I hope you're feeling great. (Repeat intro, end on: C)

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