Hotel On A Hill(Chords)


Key: Abm
	   Abm	      Abm/G 
There's a Hotel on a Hill 
	 B		   E 
And the food will make you ill 
               B   B/Bb     E   F#    B 
But there are many other reasons to stay 
	       Abm	      Abm/G 
There's always people in their rooms 
	      B		       E 
Watching the sky and all its gloom 
              B    B/Bb      E   F#      B   B7 
As they are casting all the bad dreams away 

  E				 Em 
And I know you'd like to stay but Their rooms are full today so 
 B				C#7 
Looks like you'll have to stay sad 
	    E						     F# 
But if you like I could reserve a hotel room better too for you 

	      Abm	         Abm/G 
And there's a road that takes you there 
	       B		   E 
And there's a milion flights of stairs 
               B   B/Bb     E   F#    B 
You'll have to climb to find the hotel 
          B   B/Bb     E   F#    B 
Stairs of wine around the hotel 
            B   B/Bb     E   F#    B 
It's not your average kind of motel 
             Abm  Abm/G  B  E  B  B/Bb E F Abm 
The hotel on a hill. 

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