Matthew Good

Blue Skies Over Bad Lands (acoustic)(Chords)

Matthew Good

Key: C

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C                                 Em                                        
What if you woke up in the middle of the night 
C                             Em 
    And in your bare feet you walked outside 
C                                         Em 
    And realizing that you were awake that you could fly 
    C                  Em 
Out over the world out over the world 

To places that you've only heard of 
See faces that you were sold as murderers 
But just like you they're only lonely boys and girls 
Like all over the world 

What if you could lift them up? 
What if you could make it so that times weren't tough? 
So ever morning when the world woke up 
There'd only be weather on the news 

Am                    C 
And what if you were back in bed? 
Em                         C 
With one of them floating over your head 
Am                       C 
What do you say to your enemies 
    Em                               C 
When you don't know what it is that could have been between you 
Could have been between you, oh (x4) 

There ain't no blue skies over bad lands 
Even if it ain't raining in the mornings 
But you don't need to fly to understand it 
Just understand understanding

Written by Matthew Good

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