Mary Black


Mary Black

Key: C

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C      = 332010  or  032010 
Cmaj7/E= 032000 
F      = 133211 
Dm7    = x00211 
G7     = 320001 
Fmaj7  = x33210  or  xx3210 
Am/D   = 000210 
C Cmaj7/E F Dm7 Tumbling curls of green by stained-glass streaming light Dm7 G7 C Cmaj7/E Fmaj7 G7 And a yellow-coloured lampshade used to keep us up all night C Cmaj7/E F Dm7 And a smile upon your face, a tear upon your cheek Dm7 G7 C Cmaj7 Fmaj7 G7 And the night sky on the window, your heart calling out to me Chorus ------ C Am/D Cmaj7 F Dm7 Come running home again Katie, come running home again F G C Cmaj7 Fmaj7 G7 Cross my heart and hope to die if I cause another tear in your eye C ( Katie ) C Cmaj7/E F Dm7 The mirror that wont talk and your nightgown on the door Dm7 G7 C Cmaj7 Fmaj7 G7 And the old pedal Singer, just don't sing no more C Cmaj7/E F Dm7 You can roll the reels for hours from the movie of this book Dm7 G7 C Cmaj7 It's a question mark on this heart of mine Fmaj7 G7 sends an elder back to look Chorus C Cmaj7/E F Dm7 Now I'm looking from a tunnel, back into the room Dm7 G7 C Cmaj7/E Fmaj7 G7 With the genius of a druid when the sunlight found the tomb C Cmaj7/E F Dm7 And I'm never going back there and I couldn't anyway Dm7 G7 C Cmaj7/E Fmaj7 G7 Cos though I made the great escape, I never got away Chorus

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