Marty Robbins

Meet Me Tonight In Laredo(Chords)

Marty Robbins

Key: D

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	        D                        G 
He met her one night in Laredo 
       D                      A 
Just a wild commancharo they say 
     D                           G 
They told her that he'd been an outlaw 
    A                      D 
And she'd have to send him away 
They warned her of toil and hardship 
And a life full of heartache and tears 
Then one day he sent her a message 
The one she'd been waiting to hear 

D G Meet me tonight in Laredo D A Wait til the moon's hangin' low D G Meet me tonight in Laredo A D We'll soon be in old Mexico
That night as they slipped thru the darkness To the place where the horses were tied He whispered a prayer for tomorrow That she would be safe by his side She smiled as they climbed in the saddle And as swift as the wild prairie wind They rode to Madre Sierra Repeating these words once again Chorus And now in their own hacienda In the glow of the soft candle light The hands that once held a six gun Are holding their baby tonight She echo's his God will go with us And at night when the moons hanging low She smiles as she fondly remembers The words he had said long ago Chorus

Written by Mabel Cordle/R. Robinson

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