Martina McBride & Jimmy Buffet

Trip Around The Sun(Chords)

Martina McBride & Jimmy Buffet

Key: A

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        Capo on 2  
Intro- G  
(Verses and Choruses the same)  
Verse 1  
Here 'em singing happy b(Bm)irthday  
(A)Better think about the (G)wish I make  
This (A#)year gone (Bm)by Ain't been a p(G)iece of cake(D)  
Verse 2  
Every day's a revolution  
Pull it together and it comes undone  
Just one more candle and a trip around the sun.  
I'm just (G)hanging on while this old world keeps sp(D)inning And it's (Bm)good to know it's (A)out of my con(G)trol. If there's (G)one thing that I've learned from all this (D)living Is that it(Bm) wouldn't change a (A)thing if I let (G)go.
Verse 3 No you never see it coming, Always wind up wondering where it went. Only time will tell If it was time well spent. Verse 4 It's another revelation, Celebrating what I should have done With these souvenirs of my trip around the sun. Chorus Instrumental Verse 5 Yes I'll make a resolution That I'll never make another one. Just enjoy this ride on my Trip around the sun. Just e(A#)njoy this r(Bm)ide (G) (D)........
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