Marshall Tucker Band

Never Trust a Stranger(Chords)

Marshall Tucker Band

Key: Am
Am                                                         G 
                    Am      C    Cb                Am       G 
We were ridin though the flatlands 
                    Am                                          C  Cb                 Am          G 
We were searching for two prisners who just broke jail 
Tall one and a lean one 
C                 Cb       Am             G 
Rode a chestnut stallion 
And the worrd was from the main man  
G                               Am                                  Dm 
He was mean as hell 
An outlaw is a man who never undrstands 
A word called danger 
He learns to shoot and ride as a child 
And never trust a stranger 
                  C               E                               Am 
And hes always called a better man 
We chased him to the border  
all the way to El Paso  
The ride was long,the was hard 
But the sheriff said  We cant let him go 
He said Let me tell you somethin I been trackin for a long time 
They never trust a stranger and they take care of thier own 
Todays man is an outlaw 
On that long road to freedom 
You work him hard you take his pride 
And then you try to cheat him 
Then one day you figure out its a long long story 
An outlaw is a man that takes care of his own 

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