Marshall Tucker Band

Asking to Much of You(Chords)

Marshall Tucker Band

Key: Dm7
Dm7           F#m7/c#      Bm7       F#dim7 
If I ask you to tell me about the man 
        G          Gm9          Dm7 
You been seen with most every day 
Dm7          Fm#7/c# 
If I ask you to tell me 
Bm7               F#dim7 
Why your never at home  
G6                 Gm9             Dm7 
When I call you in the middle of the day 
           G6        F#dim7     Dm7      Em7 
And when I ask you to tell me only the truth 
    Dm7   F#m7 Fm7  Em7     A7 Dm7  Em7 
an That an't asking to much of you 
If I ask you to tell me 
Why you got someone to keep the kids 
That Saturday I was gone  
And if I ask you to tell me  
Why that same Saturday night  
It seems you forgot to come home  
G              D6/9     Em       A7    Dm7 
All I like to know is if you still care 
    G         D6/9  
And I dont think the question  
Em                        A7 A7sus4 A7 
Im asking is by no means unfair 
repeat 1st verse 
another that was hand copied 1980..Looking for Too stuborn of a man 

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