Marshall Crenshaw

Television Light(Chords)

Marshall Crenshaw

Key: F#m

F#m        A 
Television light 
        E                 D 
Shining through a hundred bedroom windows 
F#m            A 
I was out last night 
        E              D 
Walking all around the streets that we know 


A     Bm D          A    Bm    D 
Tales to tell are behind every door 
A          Bm        D 
No two are quite the same 
You and I know a few of our own 
That's for sure 

F#m                A 
Days and days have gone 
      E             D 
But I still clearly can remember 
F#m       A 
A crowded avenue 
     E                 D 
On a Monday evening in November 

A  Bm  D           A   Bm    D 
On our way to your old place downtown 
         A  Bm   D 
You held my hand tight 
There was light and laughter 
And music all around 

F#m A E D F#m A Oh, what I wouldn't wish for E D F#m A Nearly came true E D To throw your love away F#m A E Was what I didn't wanna do D E A What I didn't wanna do Rinse and repeat!

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