Mark Jungers

Bucky's Car(Chords)

Mark Jungers

Key: G

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    G                       Em              C                      G 
Two flat front tires on the Country Squire, nothing ever looked so bad 
          Em                                                C                      D 
'Cept the steel belts slappin' the fenders and throwin' the sparks right up to the dash 
         C                                             G                   C  
When the tires were gone we thought we had it made, 10 miles left to go if that  
  G                         D                        C                   G 
A thousand dollar car and 3 years of payments, well, Bucky took that car back  
C And I dreamt of the day that I might leave G C The lights of that little town G D But they never looked so good as the night C G That Bucky's car broke down
Two steel rims hug a wet gravel road like a baby in its mother?s arms Just when we thought nothing else could go wrong, Bucky runs his car out of gas Five miles from the edge of town where nobody seemed to know our names And I was prayin' I hoped I see you again Chorus A three mile walk never felt so bad, I had all that I could take I found an old field car at the cement plant and the keys were lyin' under the seat With the thought of you rolling through my head, I had to make it back in time Grand theft never felt so good as the night Bucky's car broke down Chorus

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