Mark David Manders

Follow Me(Chords)

Mark David Manders

Key: G

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What a beautiful day, a February day 
C                           G 
I think it's Presidents Day too 
It's seventy-five degrees and I'm sitting in short sleeves 
C            D            G 
Writing this love song to you 
When we made love last night, in the middle of the night 
C                                     G 
I didn?t need to turn on the light to see 
That smile on your face no picture could replace 
C              D        G 
Just like this February day 

D              G 
And follow me, follow me 
G             C               D 
I?ll take you down to a pla.. ace 
Deep inside my soul where my feelings show 
C            D             G 
Things these words fail to say 

I think I?ll head on down to that creek just east of town 
C                G 
Where I go to be alone 
I'm gonna sit down on a rock, take off both my socks 
C                       D                  G 
I'm gonna kick back and let those feelings flow

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