Mark Chesnutt

Wherever You Are(Chords)

Mark Chesnutt

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Key: A
Song: Wherever You Are 
Sung By: Mark Chesnutt 
CD: Thank God for Believers 
Written By: Roger Springer/Tony Martin/Reese Wilson 
Transcribed By: M. Lawrence 
Intro:  A    Bm    E     A    Bm    E 
Verse 1. 
A                    Bm 
Once in a life time love comes along 
    E                     A 
And I know it?you that I?waiting on 
And that sweet promise of our first kiss 
Keeps me hanging on through times like this 
       A                  Bm 
So wherever you are I?thinking of you 
    E                       A      E 
I wonder if you? thinking of me too 
         D            E                A       Bm     E 
There?only so long time can keep us apart 
     A                   Bm 
So until we meet keep me in your heart 
      E                 A        E 
Keep wishing upon that same ol?tar 
     D               E                     A    Bm    E   A 
And know, that I? love you wherever you are 
Verse 2. 
Can?say I know what you look like 
But you? in my heart and you? on my mind 
And I feel your love deep down in my soul 
When I finally find you, girl I? know 
(Repeat Chorus) 
(Repeat Chorus) 
A           Bm 
Girl, I? love you 
      E                     A 
I? love you wherever you are 
Ending: Bm    E    A    Bm    E    A 
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