Mark Chesnutt

Think Like A Woman(Chords)

Mark Chesnutt

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Key: C
I'm standin with somethin in my hand  
That don't look too flowerlike 
She slammed the pretty part in the doorjamb 
Left me and the stems outside 
On my way back from fishin I thought  
If I brought a dozen roses home 
She'd smile when I told there was one  
                           C         N/C 
For each day that I'd been gone 

F-C F C I tried to think like a woman F G7 Find where that pretty head was at F-C F C I tried to think like a woman G7 F C But I don't guess a woman thinks like that
Now I'm underneath the window with my guitar In the backyard soakin wet She poured what I'm afraid might've been Toilet water on my head I thought when she heard the song I wrote on my way back into town It would cool her off But it appears to work the other way around CHORUS SOLO BRIDGE: Am I'm just gettin comfortable G In the doghouse when she pulls F C The curtains, and I see her peekin out Am Well I lay here lookin sad awhile G Suffer some and then she smiles F C It's all slowly dawnin on me now CHORUS 2: F-C F C I tried think like a woman F C Where she wanted me was right where I was at F-C C C I tried to think like a woman Am G Am If I was sweet thought she'd cut me some slack G7 F C Oh but I don't think a woman thinks like that Ha, I know she don't!
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