Mark Chesnutt

She Was(Chords)

Mark Chesnutt

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Key: G#
Capo on 1st fret
Actual key D#  () 
She Was 
    G                        A 
She started her new life ten dollars in debt 
G                          A 
That?s all it took to get started back then 
  G                        A 
A trip to the courthouse across the state line 
G                           A 
No one could stop her she?d made up her mind 
       G                A 
He was eighteen and she wasn?t? 
                 D                     F#m 
But she said she was and never thought twice 
          G                  A 
Came back home as my daddy?s wife 
She just shook her head 
               Bm                         G     A 
And her momma said ?are you sure he?s the one?? 
She was 
G                 A 
He took a job and farmed on the side 
G                         A 
He made the ends meet but she kept them tight 
G                       A 
Changes were coming to their little world 
          G                     A 
She said ?what would you like a boy or a girl?? 
              G           A 
And he said, ?are you??? 
                 D                     F#m 
And she said she was and never thought twice 
                  G                           A 
About taking the next step and building their lives 
                D                      Bm               G   A 
Soon there were three and she tried to be everything to us 
And she was? 
G                      A 
Those precious moments turned into years 
        D             A           G/F# 
In what seemed like a blink of an eye 
Em                   G 
I held her hand as I leaned down to ask her 
Em                     A 
?Momma are you ready to say good bye?? 
             D                   F#m 
She said she was but she thought twice 
           G                     A 
Holding my hand as she let go of life 
             D                 Bm                        G   A 
Daddy always said a woman like her would be hard to give up 
And she was 
         G                     A 
If there ever was a picture of love 
She was 
Eddie Garcia 
**Keepin' it Country** 
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