Mark Chesnutt

She Dreams(Chords)

Mark Chesnutt

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Key: Dsus4
Intro: (Dsus4)  (D)  (Dsus4)  (D)   (Gsus2)  (G)  
(Dsus4) Thirty years to(D)day she's (Dsus4) been upon this (D) earth 
And (Dsus4) she can't help but (D) wonder what it's (Gsus2) all been worth (G) 
She (Dsus4) swears she loves those (D) kids and she (Dsus4) doesn't mind that (D) load 
But there (Dsus4) ain't much convers(D)ation with a (Gsus2) three-year-old (G) 
She's (Dsus4) trapped inside these (D) walls 
A (Dsus4) prisoner in this (D) fine suburban (Gsus2) home (G) ...so 
   (G/B) She (Cadd9) dreams she (C/G) dreams 
   He'll come (D) home from work and (C) carry her a(Gsus2)way (G) 
   And (G/B) he'll (Cadd9) see she (G) needs 
   The (C) man she's still in (D) love with when she (Gsus2) dreams (G) 
Lead Solo 
And (Dsus4) he's proud of his (D) work and the (Dsus4) ladder that he's (D) climbed 
But (Dsus4) from that high-rise (D) office he can't (Gsus2) hear her (G) cry 
(Dsus4) Ringing telephones and (Dsus4) decisions to be made 
(Dsus4) Even when he gets home he's so (Gsus2) far away (G) 
Then (Dsus4) he drifts off to (D) sleep 
And (Dsus4) she enters her (D) world of make be(Gsus2)lieve (G) 
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