Mark Chesnutt

Might Even Quit Lovin You(Chords)

Mark Chesnutt

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Key: C
Song: I Might Even Quit Lovin?ou 
Sung By: Mark Chesnutt 
CD: Thank God for Believers 
Written By: Mark Chesnutt/Roger Springer/Slugger Morrissette 
Transcribed By: M. Lawrence 
Verse 1. 
C              Bb     F          C 
Ever since you told me we were through 
           Bb    F         C 
I? been down, I? been down 
                       Bb      F         C 
The love you said I?find to take your place 
             Bb      F         C 
Never came around, never came around 
Bb                       F          C 
One of these days I? stand on my own 
          Bb                  F          G 
And I? turn this bleedin?eart into stone 
Gonna reach way down inside 
         F                C 
Find a brand new will to live 
              Bb               F               G 
Got plans to forget about the way you made me feel 
Gonna walk outside one night 
     F                 C 
And turn your mem? loose 
           Bb          F                C 
And when I do I might even quit lovin?ou 
             Bb          F                C 
Yeah, when I do I might even quit lovin?ou 
Verse 2. 
There was a time I thought I knew for certain 
You?come home, you?come home 
But judgin?rom the nights I spent without you 
I was wrong, I was wrong 
The time has finally come to face the truth 
There?only one thing left I can do 
Repeat Chorus 
(Instrumental fade to end) 
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