Mark Chesnutt

I Just Wanted You To Know(Chords)

Mark Chesnutt

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Key: D
D G A D G A (walk) B A G F# E A 

chorus:G A D,G A D , G A B E G A D  
That's the progression...and as usual, MC alters the song up a half step in  
the middle...  
D             G        A              D                      G         A  
Are you alone, can you talk to an old friend. Right or wrong, I had to hear  
           Bm                A         G             D/F#             E      A  
your voice again, unwritten law, proticol, says to leave the past alone...  
                     G                A               D     
I just wanted you to know, sometimes driving home at night, I let your   
                G                A             D                      G  
memory take control, and you're sitting by my side, I turn up the radio.  
           A           B                   E                      G  
Cruse down old route 59...girl it's solid gold...but I'll let you go.    
        A            D  
I just wanted you to know...  

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