Mark Chesnutt

Brother Jukebox(Chords)

Mark Chesnutt

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Key: C
Written by Paul Craft 
Performed by Keith Whitley  
Performed by Mark Chessnutt 
Intro:   C | C| 
Chorus 1 
Brother C Junkbox, F Sister C Wine 
Mother Freedom  Am  Father G  Time 
Since you {C}left me,   by my---{F} self 
you're the C only  family G that I have C left 
Verse 1 
I go C down to the G  same old C cafe 
where I try to wash  F my troubles C away 
I'm still F down, but I'm G still all Am alone  F 
but it C  beats staying G home all night C long {F}{C} 
I go C home and I G climb that old C stairway 
and I tell myself F tomorrow's a C new day 
But I F know that i'll just G go down a- Am gain 
F and spend my C time with my G new next of C kin 
keith reding 
Gaithersburg, MD 
originally from Arkansas! 
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