Manchester Orchestra

I Am A Book, Torn(Chords)

Manchester Orchestra

Key: B

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	        Intro:B A G (2x) 

Verse 1
       B                                A                                 G 
In the night I'm disappointed with your choice, as I'm right outside your door, and my  
face is on the floor. 
        B                             A                  G 
And you left me on the darker side of town, alone all by myself, no shadow spoken  
tongues, faintly familiar 
B                             A                              G 
ones.  And they bled the truth, and they screamed aloud that you, were a liar? yes a liar. 
         B                        A                 G 
Well you took advantage of me yet again, or so they said, and I'd hang the moon for you,  
and I'd save the world for you. 

    A           B            D     A 
And tonight and forever. 
B           C#          D 
Tonight and tonight and forever. 

C# D E Well I am just a book, dusty on this shelf, worn and by myself, and the words inside don't B C# D help. As I read my midnight pain, till you put me up again.
Verse 2 B A G And the smile across my face is being forged, it's nothing but a fake and it helps me to not think. B A G And I know that you're at home and on your mind, is nothing about my brown hair and hazel eyes, I'm just trying to pass the B A G time. And the tears all sing aloud, without making a sound, you're a sucker? such a sucker. B A G It seems as if you want what you can't get, and I'm nauseous and I'm sick, and I'll get into your mind so please get out of mine. Pre-chorus A B D A Tonight and forever B C# D Tonight, oh tonight, tonight and forever Chorus And again, and again, and again B A G And again, and again, and again, and again B A G and again, and again, and again, and again,
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