Major Harris

Love Won't Let Me Wait(Chords)

Major Harris

Key: A

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        Intro: Bbm7+ - Bm7+ Dm - G - C#m - F#7 
        Bbm7+ - Bm7+ 

  (no chords)        F                E7/9- 
The time is right, you hold me tight  
        A7+                     F#m Bbm7+ - Bm7+ 
And love is got me high  
                             F                 E7/9-           C#m          F#7 
Please tell me yes and don't say no,    honey, not tonight 
I need to have you next to me 
     Dm                    G             C#m 
In more ways than one and I refuse to leave 
Till I see the morning sun 
Creep through your window pane,  
           D        A/C#     A      F#m     C7+     F#m Bbm7+ - Bm7+ 
Cause love     won't     let     me      wait 
                          F                     E7/9-       A7+              F#m {.....} 
The time is right, turned down the lights and take my hand 
                          F                   E7/9-      C#m           F#7 
We'll take a flight and spend the night in a wonderland 
                           Bm7                  Dm               G 
Now move a little close to me, you owe it to yourself 
               C#m                 F#7 
And I will selfishly, take a little for myself 
And it's because of you  
           D      A/C#     A    F#m     C7+    F#m        {...} 
Cause love   won't    let   me       wait    (no, listen girl) {solo s/ intro} 
                             Bm7                        Dm                   G 
I need your love so desperately and only you can set me free 
                     C#m                        F#7 
When I make love to you we will explode in ecstasy 
And I won't take the blame 
        D         A/C#       Bm7     F#m       A           F#m 
That love      won't      let         me         wait, no 
  D          A/C#     Bm7     F#m     A 
Love      won't      let        me       wait (my temperature's rising) 
Love won't let me wait (cause your so tantalizing) oh, listen girl  

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