Maisy Stella

Scared Of My Piano(Chords)

Maisy Stella

Key: C

Verse 1:

C Cmaj7 Scared of my piano It knows more than I know F Every time I sit down to write Fm I always end up crying C Cmaj7 Somethin' bout a minor key Cmaj7 I swear it's got a spell on me F All my secrets just pour out Fm C When I just wanna shut my mouth
C F But it`s the only place G That I feel safe C Cmaj7 F Steers me clear when my head gets hazy F Always listening G when no one else is C Everything I am Cmaj7 F Fm In thee old ivory keys C they understand me

Verse 2:

C I'm scared of my piano Cmaj7 and those stories only I know F But I`ll never leave its side Fm and it'll never leave mine C Somethin' bout a minor key Cmaj7 Makes me think of you and me F But it tells me it`s alright Fm C It just wasn't the right time

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