Luke Olson

Beautiful Woman(Chords)

Luke Olson

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Key: D
Intro Chords: 
D  A  G 
D      A           G 
Lately I have been thinkin' 
D          A                G 
And all I?m thinkin' bout is you 
D        A            G 
I tell myself to quit dreamin? 
D                A               G 
Deamin that someday I?ll be with you 
D     A            G 
Right when I first met you 
D          A               G 
I saw that sparkle in your eyes 
D        A               G 
It hurts every time your leavin?  
D           A                G 
Hurts every time you say goodbye 
A E F#m D And will you ever feel the way I do A E F#m D If you believe in me then I believe in you A E F#m D And will you ever take my hand A E F#m D Beautiful woman and a simple man
Maybe to you I?m not the right one Thats okay cause I?ve heard the story before But maybe if I had a chance You might start liking me for who I am Chorus Chorus
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