Lucas Soares


Lucas Soares

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Key: Am
Am        C             F5 
From the beginning I'm yours 
Am        C            F5 
How many times have you seen me cry 
Am              C                         F5 
The tears in my eyes come to dry 
Am  C               F5 
In your arms I find my home 
Am     C             F5 
On the stones he could walk for me 
Am  C         F5 
So great is your love for me  (4x) 

Base: (Am C Em E F5) 
Solo: (Am7 C D D9 )        5x 

F5    C        Am 
Your blood freed me 
Am       C         F5 
For such a love, my love to me. 
 Am C    F5 
I could not explain! 
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