Lost Dogs

When I Went Down To Georgia(Chords)

Lost Dogs

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Key: G

     G                       C            G    
When I went down to Georgia I was on the fence  
       G                    D 
about whether I was coming home  
       Em        C           G 
and I know now better than before  
                        D           G 
i donā??t know lord what Iā??m looking for  

        G                      C             G 
It was red red rocking chair sittinā?? on the porch  
G                           D 
pickinā?? as the bottle runs dry  
      Em         C           G 
and I go there for the free beer  
              G             D         G 
but I donā??t know lord what Iā??m doing here  

    G                    C              G  
Thereā??s a train waiting as I walk the tracks  
G                     D 
freddie a callinā?? to me  
      EM            C            G 
so I climbed on a bottle in my hand  
G                     D       G 
why I left lord Iā??ll never understand  

G                    C       G 
I caught that ride back to Tennessee  
 G                            D 
in the dark the wind and the rain  
        EM                   C          G 
I caught that ride to the depths of the wind  
G                  D         G 
goes to show you just canā??t win  

G                 C                  G 
Oh, my Caroline I never should have left  
 G                                    D 
and you should have never stayed with me gal  
       EM                C         G 
and I know now thereā??s two ways to be  
G                D      G 
live in love or die in misery  

(Repeat first verse) 

End on G 
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