The Man With The Axe(Chords)


Key: E

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Capo on 2nd fret

Verse 1:

G D If I had to break it down F#m G I'd say it's the way you love to dance Em7(5-) D Bm Movin' the furniture when my back is turned A7 The flick of the lights and the world falls Away
G D And your office job and your silver hair F#m But our shapes in the dark are G Em7(5-) The reason I've stayed for all these years

Verse 2:

G D I thought I was a genius F#m But now I'm twenty-two G Em7(5-) And it's startin' to feel like D All I know how to do is Bm A Put on a suit and take it away
G D With my fistful of tunes that it's painful To play F#m G Fingernail worlds like favorite seashells Em7(5-) D Bm They fill up my nights and then they float A7 Away

Verse 3:

G I've got hundreds of gowns D I've got paintings in frames F#m And a throat that fills with panic G Every festival day Em7(5-) D Dutifully fallin' apart for the Princess Bm A7 Of Norway
G D But you, with your doll's lashes F#m G Your infinite t-shirts Em7(5-) D I should've known when your favorite Bm Record was the same as my father's A7 You'd take me down

Verse 4:

G D I guess I'll always be this way F#m G Swallowed up by the words, and halfway To space Em7(5-) D Bm But there by the fire, you offered your hand A7 And as I took it, I loved you The boy with the plan
E A E A You felled me clean as a pine E A C7 D7 The man with the axe and the lo- ok E In his eyes
( E A ) ( E A ) Final: E A We've been through so many hard times E A I'm writin' a love song for you, baby ( E A E )

Written by Ella Yelich O'connor / Malay

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