Lonesome River Band

The Crime I Didnt Do(Chords)

Lonesome River Band

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Key: Am
Am                G                                   Am 
I was raised in a small mill town, a factory worker's son 
Am               G                    D 
Left my home and family at the age of 21 

Am            G                                   Am 
I set out to find my way in a strange and distant town 
Am                   G                 D 
Hadn't been there a year or more when trouble came around 

Am            G                             Am 
I operate an old punch press, work all by myself 
Am                                 G               D 
I make no friends or enemies, just parts from 4 to 12; 
      Am        G    Am 
just parts from 4 to 12 

Am                                 G              Am 
One night as I was walking home, I heard an awful sound 
Am                                    G                 D 
Footsteps running out of sight by the time I turned around 

Am                                G           Am 
Shaken by the dreadful scene, it came into my sight 
Am                                    G                    D 
A young man lying cold and still, beneath the dim street light 

Am                                     G                Am 
Dear Mother, say a prayer for me, and please try not to cry 
Am                                    G         D 
I swear to you I killed no one, but I had no alibi; 
        Am     G  Am 
Lord, I had no alibi 

Am                          G              Am 
Now I'm a hunted fugitive, running for my life 
Am                                      G               D 
A wanted man ain't got a chance when he has no place to hide 

Am                                    G                   Am 
I know someday they'll find me, and I know that when they do 
Am                                  G             D 
I'll have to pay the penalty for a crime I didn't do; 
      Am        G    Am 
For a crime I didn't do 
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