Lonesome River Band

Perfume, Powder And Lead(Chords)

Lonesome River Band

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Key: G

We were married in the spring, she didn't want for anything 
G                           D        G 
A lovin' husband, a little cabin, close to town 
Workin' hard out on the farm, comin' in to all her charm 
G                       D         G 
Until one day, when the stranger came around 

It starts to rain can't work no more, run to the porch open the door 
G                   D                  G 
To their surprise I realize their little game 
So what was I supposed to do, oh I could tell he'd been with you 
G                         D              G 
It made me mad and I just couldn't stand the pain 

C G I can't believe what I have done, I killed them both with daddy's gun G D G As their bodies lay entangled in our bed C G He was the sheriffs only son, to me she was the only one G D G I smelled the perfume, the powder and the lead
G Well my body starts to shake, begin to think about my fate G D G As I turn and start to stagger toward the door G I heard her take her final breath, I knew my sentence would be death G D G And so I threw that smokin' gun onto the floor G Now I sit here in this jail, and now my life's a livin hell G D G Since that awful dreadful crime I had to do G All her love she vowed to me, another man there'd never be G D G And in the end I'll have to die for loving you Chorus:
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