Little Texas

Amy's Back In Austin(Chords)

Little Texas

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Key: G5
G5                          C9                    G5  
We left Texas on a windy night in a beat up Chevy van  
      Em                            C9                            D  
We loaded it up with our innocent dreams and all the love we had  
        G5                            C9             G5   
We didn't know then how hard it was livin' on our own  
      Em                  C9                D   
I'd find her crying late at night, talking to the folks back home  
    Am                        Em                     C9                   D  
I wonder what went wrong; and where is she now I'd love to know  
             G5                                                C9  
c. I bet Amy's back in Austin working at LaZona Rosa Cafe  
        G5                                                D  
I remember the night we lost it and the day she went away  
Was it the anger words or did she miss her mama  
I don't know but it don't feel right  
          Em                   C9                   D              G5  
I bet Amy's back in Austin and I'm missing her tonight  
G5                               C9                             G5  
Working ten hours in a West Coast sun can make the days so long  
         Em                                     C9                   D  
And watching the moon crashing into the ocean alone sure gets old  
repeat chorus:  
                               C9                             Em    
Bridge:  Could this desert wind carry me back again  
                           Am                     C9                      D  
            With my heart in my hand; baby I'm missing you  
repeat last the lines of chorus:   
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