Little Feat


Little Feat

Key: G
G  G/F# G/E Cadd9  G  C  C+2(up 2 frets)  C  G     (twice) 
I've been worked by the rain     
Driven by the snow 
G/E              Cadd9 
Drunk and dirty - don't you know 
        G      C  C+2  C   G 
But I'm still..          ..willin 
(And I was) Out on the road 
Late at night 
G/E                     Cadd9 
Seen my pretty Alice in every headlight 
G       C  C+2  C   G 
Alice..           ..Dallas Alice 
G                C         D 
And I been from  Tucson to Tucumcari 
D                 G 
Tehachapi to Tonapa 
G                                         C 
Driven every kind of rig that's ever been made 
C                                       D         
Driven the back roads so I wouldn't get weighed 
(No chords - let previous D resound) 
And if you give me 
C     Am/B      Am    G 
Weed, Whites and wine 
G                 D 
And you show me a sign 
D       G       C C+2 C       G 
I'll be willin'         to be movin' 
Kicked by the wind 
Robbed by the sleet 
G/E                     Cadd9 
Had my head stoved in but I'm still on my feet 
         G     C C+2 C  G 
And I'm still ....     in a whole lot of trouble 
G                                   G/F# 
Smuggled some smokes and folks from Mexico 
Baked by the sun 
Cadd9                  G 
Every time I go to Mexico 
C C+2 C           G 
          And I'm still.... 
REPEAT Chorus 

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